(A)   Establishment and membership.  The Architectural Review Board is hereby created and shall consist of the following members as invited by the Director of Planning and Development:
      (1)   Council Appointee to Plan Commission.
      (2)   Plan Commission President.
      (3)   General Plan Commission Member.
      (4)   General Council Member.
      (5)   Director of Planning and Development (or appointee).
   (B)   (1)   The ARB has the powers to evaluate applications for single-family attached, two-family, and multi-family structures and those residential Planned Development's previously adopted prior to October 23, 2018 and make recommendations to the Plan Commission pursuant to the procedures and standards for Planned Development's set forth in § 153.109(D).
      (2)   The ARB shall review any modifications to house elevations for residential planned developments adopted prior to October 23, 2018 or in the planned development process seeking approval in regards to architectural elevations/treatments for those planned developments which did not include architectural regulations or by interpretation of the Planning Director or his/her designee does not meet the intent of the adopted planned development ordinance including the adopted Architectural Review Board guidelines.
      (3)   The ARB shall only meet on an as-need basis with said meetings scheduled when there are pending items to review.
      (4)   The ARB shall conduct the review of any proposed single-family attached, two-family, and/or multi-family house elevations/plans proposed to be a part of a residential planned development after the adoption of the ARB standards as per division (2) and (3) above and prior to the public hearing before the Plan Commission.
(Ord. 68-11-00, passed 12-12-00; Am. Ord. 56-11-07, passed 12-11-07; Am. Ord. 40-10-18, passed 12- 16-18)