The entire base of each commercial/industrial/institutional and multi-family building shall be surrounded by a landscape strip as prescribed in the table below. Such landscaping shall not be counted toward the overall required plantings for the interior parking lot. These landscape strips may be broken by pedestrian access ways; however, these access ways may not constitute more than 10% of the total area of the required landscape strip. No more than 40% of the required building base landscape area shall be located on any one side of the building. Shrubs and ornamental trees along foundation walls of structures shall be planted no closer than two feet and eight feet, respectively. In certain circumstances additional standards shall be required as follows:
Table 12.0.6.
Central Core Map1
All Other Areas
Required Trees (per 100 linear feet)
Required Shrubs (per 100 linear feet)
Buildings adjacent to or across from parking area, public road or residential use/ zone district
10 feet
(landscape width)
10 feet
(landscape width)
3 understory trees
33 deciduous or evergreen shrubs, or ornamental grasses
Building adjacent to or across from a similar use, commercial or industrial uses, or private road
5 feet
(landscape width)
10 feet
(landscape width)
2 understory trees
15 deciduous or evergreen shrubs, or ornamental grasses
1.   Where zero front yard setbacks are permitted and utilized, building base landscaping requirements are waived. If the front yard setback utilized is less than the building base landscaping requirement, the building base landscaping requirement may be reduced by the difference of the two.
2.   For calculation purposes, plant quantities are rounded up to the nearest whole number when the calculation is .5 or greater.
   (A)   Loading Areas. Where a drive-thru or loading area is permitted or required for a use, and where it is necessary to locate this drive-thru or loading area inside of the building base landscaping, the affected landscape areas may be moved. In these cases, an area of landscaping equal to the amount removed must be added to other areas of the building's base landscaping.
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