Angle/Diagonal Parking
   72.01   Signs or markings indicating angle/diagonal parking
   72.02   Angle/diagonal parking head-in required
Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places
   72.10   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   72.11   Parking in alleys
   72.12   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited
   72.13   (Reserved)
   72.14   No stopping, standing, or parking near hazardous or congested places
   72.15   Temporary parking prohibition
   72.16   Motor vehicles to park between lines
   72.17    Parking in city parking lots and garages
Stopping For Loading or Unloading Only
   72.25   Designation of loading zones
   72.26   Parking in loading zone
   72.27   Designation of public carrier stops and stands
   72.28   Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands
   72.29   Parking for people with physical disabilities
Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited on Certain Streets
   72.40   Application of subchapter
   72.41   Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets
   72.42   Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
   72.43   Parking time limited on certain streets
   72.44   Signage required
   72.45   Acts to evade the parking time limitation on certain streets prohibited
   72.46   Storage and parking in right-of-way or temporary cul-de-sac
   72.47   Parking on public street
Metered and Paid Parking
   72.50   Definitions
   72.51   Authority and powers of Board of Public Works & Safety
   72.52   Duty of driver to pay for parking
   72.53   Police Department and parking control officers to enforce provisions
   72.54   Parking Meter Fund
   72.55   Parking in city parking lots and parking garages
Commercial Vehicles
   72.56   Truck parking restrictions
Residential On-street Parking Permits
   72.65   Eligibility
   72.66   Information required in application
   72.67   (Reserved)
   72.68   (Reserved)
   72.69   Expiration of permits
   72.70   Fees
   72.71   Issuance and revocation of permits
   72.72   Regulations for residential permit holders
   72.73   Disposition of revenue
   72.74   Violation and penalty
Non-residential Parking Permits
   72.85   Eligibility
   72.86   Information required in application
   72.87   Information contained on permit
   72.88   (Reserved)
   72.89   Expiration of permits
   72.90   Parking rates and fees
   72.91   Issuance and revocation of permits
   72.92   Regulations for non-residential permit holders
   72.93   (Reserved)
   72.94   Violation and penalty
   72.97   Towing vehicles
   72.98   Booting/vehicle restraints
   72.99   Enforcement