(A)   Occupants of any residential dwelling unit in an area of the city zoned for residential purposes and subject to restricted parking who own an automobile and who do not have an off-street parking space available for their unit may apply to the Police Department or a third party parking enforcement company contracted by the Board of Public Works & Safety for a permit for one parking space upon the city street adjacent to such dwelling unit. At the time of application, a valid driver's license shall be shown. A copy of such license shall be kept with the permit application.
   (B)   As used in this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply:
      (1)   "ADJACENT." Abutting the property of the residence or, if no such space is available, then directly across the street and within the same block as the residence.
      (2)   "HOUSEHOLD." A single individual living upon the premises as a single housekeeping unit or collective body of persons living upon the premises as a single housekeeping unit.
      (3)   "RESTRICTED PARKING." Any street or thoroughfare of the city for which an ordinance has been adopted limiting the hours of parking as from time to time amended. Such streets or thoroughfares shall be posted for restricted and limited parking pursuant to said ordinance.
(Ord. 73-10-89, passed 12-15-89; Am. Ord. 80-11-03, passed 3-10-04; Am. Ord. 67-09-21, passed 9-28-21)