The following regulations shall be in effect.
   (A)   Parking permits are only valid for the city lot or garage indicated at the time of purchase. On occasion, the permit holder may not be able to park in their designated lot or garage due to maintenance or special city functions. If the city closes the lot/garage or the lot/garage is full, the permit holder may park on the street nearest their assigned lot/garage. However, at no time is the permit holder to park on the downtown square for more than two hours per day.
   (B)   The license plate must be visible at all times while parking in the designated area. If the individual fails to display their license plate, they will receive a parking violation.
   (C)   Permits shall be valid only for the calendar year in which they are issued.
   (D)   Parking permits shall not be subleased or rented, for consideration or gratuitously, to any other individual.
(Ord. 80-11-03, passed 3-10-04; Am. Ord. 67-09-21, passed 9-28-21)