(A)   Whenever, in the opinion of the Police Chief or his officers or designee, a stopped, standing, or parked vehicle in violation of the provisions of this traffic code constitutes an immediate hazard to the safety of the citizens, the city, or flow of traffic, the Police Chief or his or her officers or designee may have said vehicle towed from such position of danger to a containment area. The expense of such towing and storage shall be borne by the owner of said vehicle.
   (B)   The Police Chief and his officers or designee are hereby authorized to move or cause to be moved and properly stored, at the owner's expense, any vehicle improperly parked, parked overtime, or abandoned if the owner or operator of such vehicle cannot be found after reasonable effort or refuses or fails to move such vehicle upon proper notification.
   (C)   Any vehicle having at least three parking violations, each of which have not been appealed and remain unpaid 40 or more days after the date of issuance, may be towed to a secure facility and will be released only after payment of all outstanding fines, fees, and any costs incurred for the towing and storage of the vehicle.
(Ord. 65-7-89, passed 8-14-89; Am. Ord. 67-09-21, passed 9-28-21)