EDITOR'S NOTE: The Charter herein set out was submitted to the qualified voters of the City and approved by them on March 3, 1975, all pursuant to Article 4 of  Chapter 8 of the Code of West Virginia.  It became effective on July 1, 1975.
   Amendments to the Charter are cited following the affected sections. Unless so cited, each section derives unchanged from the original enactment, except for the utilization of a uniform system of capitalization and spelling and the addition or alteration of catchlines to more accurately reflect the contents of each section.  A frontal analysis has been added for the convenience of the user.
Sec. 1.    Incorporation.
Sec. 2.    Succession.
Sec. 3.    Form of government; composition of Council; changes in precincts or wards.
Sec. 4.    Powers of City generally.
Sec. 5.   Qualifications of voters.
Sec. 6.   Qualifications of Mayor and Councilmen.
Sec. 7.   Filing as candidate.
Sec. 8.   Regular elections of Mayor and Councilmen.
Sec. 9.   First election of Mayor and Councilmen.
Sec. 10.   Vacancies in elective offices.
Sec. 11.   City Council vested with legislative authority of City.
Sec. 12.   City Council meetings and records. (3-15-99.)
Sec. 13.   Meetings and other acts on legal holidays.
Sec. 13A.   Removal of Mayor and City Councilmen for failure to attend meetings.
Sec. 14.   Vote required to carry question before Council.
Sec. 15.   Additional powers of Council.
Sec. 16.   Conflicts of interest.
Sec. 17.   No official to be surety on bond given to or for benefit of City.
Sec. 18.   Appointive officers generally. (6-20-88.)
Sec. 19.   Powers and duties of Mayor; appeal from decision of Mayor.
Sec. 20.   Salaries of Mayor and Councilmen. (3-15-99.)
Sec. 21.   County Jail to be City Jail.
Sec. 22.   Mayor’s docket.
Sec. 23.   Duties of City Clerk generally.
Sec. 24.   Bond of City Clerk; powers and duties of City Clerk relative to custody of bonds, collection of taxes, etc.
Sec. 25.   Additional duties and compensation of City Clerk.
Sec. 26.   Qualifications, duties and compensation of City Solicitor.
Sec. 27.   Duties, bond and compensation of City Treasurer.
Sec. 28.   Duties and removal of appointive officers generally.
Sec. 29.   Oaths of officers; proceedings on bonds, etc., payable to City.
Sec. 30.   Recall of Mayor or Councilmen.
Sec. 31.   City licenses.
Sec. 32.   Council to have right of condemnation.
Sec. 33.   Procedure for passing ordinances, resolutions, etc.
Sec. 34.   Franchises.
Sec. 35.   Annual financial session, estimates and levies by Council.
Sec. 36.   Assessment of cost for removing snow, rubbish, etc.
Sec. 37.   Execution of summons or other process.
Sec. 38.   Ordinances and resolutions not inconsistent with Charter to remain in force.
Sec. 39.   Effective date of Charter.
Sec. 40.   Manner of making or financing public improvements.
Sec. 41.   Provisions of Charter separable.
Sec. 42.   Conflicting or inconsistent ordinances, acts, etc.
Sec. 43.   Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners.
Sec. 44.   Water Department.