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   (Amended by Ord. No. 171,175, Eff. 7/25/96.)
   For the purpose of this division, certain terms are defined as follows:
   CYLINDER GUARD.  A ring surrounding the exposed portion of the lock cylinder, or any other device, which is so fastened as to protect the cylinder from wrenching, prying, cutting, or pulling by attack tools.  The ring shall be made from steel or brass and shall have a minimum taper of 15 degrees.
   DEADLOCKING LATCH.  A latch in which the latch bolt is positively held in the projected position by a guard bolt, a plunger or an auxiliary mechanism.
   DEADBOLT.  A bolt which has no automatic spring action and which is operated by a key cylinder, thumb-turn, or lever, and is held fast when in the projected position.
   ENCLOSING PARTITION.  A partition extending the full height of the story to the floor or roof above separating tenant spaces.
   LATCH.  A device for automatically retaining a door, upon its closing, in a closed position.
   SECURITY OPENING.  An opening in a wall, partition, or roof when such opening occurs in any of the following locations:
   1.   In an exterior wall and less than 16 feet above the grade of any adjoining yard, court, passageway, public way, walk, breezeway, patio, planter porch or similar area.
   2.   In an exterior wall and less than 16 feet above the surface of any adjoining roof, balcony, landing, stair tread, platform, or similar structure when that surface is accessible to the public or another tenant or when any portion of such surface is itself less than 16 feet above an accessible grade.
   3.   In the enclosing partitions of a dwelling unit, private garage, guest room or single-tenant non-residential area.
   4.   In a roof when any portion of such roof is less than 16 feet above an accessible grade or surface accessible by another tenant or the public.