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   (Amended by Ord. No. 184,692, Eff. 12/30/16.)
   The provisions of this division shall not be applicable to latching or locking devices on exit doors to the extent that the provisions of this division are contrary to the provisions of CBC Section 402.8.8 or CBC Chapter 10, nor shall the regulations of this division be construed to waive any other provision of this Code.
   No person shall sell, offer for sale, advertise, display for sale or install any metal bars, grilles, grates, security roll-down shutters or similar devices manufactured or installed to preclude human entry through windows and exterior doors without a label attached to each product, printed in at least ten-point type and that reads as follows:  "A building permit is required in most cases for the installation of this product.  If this product is installed in a sleeping room, unless excepted by the provisions of CBC Section 1030, the device must be equipped with a quick-release latch operable from inside and the dwelling unit provided with an approved smoke detector."