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SEC. 91.6702.  GENERAL.
   (Amended by Ord. No. 180,619, Eff. 5/12/09.)
   In every Group B, F, M, S and R Occupancy, the openings regulated by this division shall be completely secured in accordance with the provisions specified herein.
   EXCEPTIONS:  The requirements of this division shall not apply to:
   1.   Detached buildings which are accessory to Group R-3 Occupancies.
   2.   Group B, F, M, S Occupancies which, by the nature of their operation, are unenclosed.
   3.   Group B, F, M, S Occupancies where the owner submits written notice to the Department of intent to substitute security personnel and/or site security installations in lieu of requirements of this division of this Code.  Such exemption shall be subject to the concurrence of the Department and shall be one of the conditions upon which the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.