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   (Amended by Ord. No. 185,432, Eff. 3/24/18.)
   A.   Fees.  For the processing of each initial study prepared or environmental impact report (EIR) filed in connection with a permit application, or for the processing of any supplemental report or for the preparation of a general exemption pursuant to City CEQA Guidelines, the following fees shall be paid to the appropriate City departments at the time the permit application is filed or the supplemental report or general exemption is prepared or processed:
   1.   Environmental Clearances Except EIRs:
Type of Application
Categorical Exemption
Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) / Initial Study leading to Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration or any other State exemptions
Mitigated Negative Declaration - Expanded/Initial Study
Addendum or Supplemental to Prior Environmental Determination
Publication Fee for Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration (pass through of publishing costs)
   2.   Environmental Impact Reports:
   (a)   Initial Deposit is required at the time of an Environmental Impact Report application.
Type of Application
Environmental Impact Reports (Initial Deposit)
Environmental Impact Report Review Services (hourly)
   (b)   Supplemental EIR.  A fee of one-half the original filing deposit shall be paid for the processing of any report supplemental to the environmental impact report.
   (c)   EIR Full Cost Recovery.  In addition to the fees set forth in this section, fees shall be paid for the actual costs associated with the City’s preparation and processing of an environmental impact report, and processing of applications for all discretionary approvals associated with it by hourly rate above.
   (d)   For purposes of this section, any discretionary approval related to the use of land where an environmental impact report is required include the following: adjustment; building line; coastal development permit; conditional use; parcel map; plan approval; private street; adoption, amendment or repeal of a specific plan pursuant to Subsection (b) of Government Code Section 65456; any approval which is required to be consistent with a specific plan pursuant to Subsection (a) of Government Code Section 65456; subdivision map, zone change, including zone changes pursuant to Section 11.5.8 of this Code; and variance.  The actual costs shall be offset by the fees collected pursuant to this chapter.
   The Planning Department shall calculate the costs and resultant fee, at the hourly rate in this section, in accordance with Section 5.403 (b)3. of Chapter 35 of Division 5 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code and shall maintain appropriate accounting records of the actual costs.  The Director of Planning shall resolve any dispute related to the fee.  The Director shall exclude from consideration any cost incurred or attributed to the processing of appeals.
   The processing of an initial study is not required as a prerequisite to the filing of an environmental impact report.
   B.   Child-Care Fees.  No fee shall be charged in connection with the processing of an initial study or filing of an environmental impact report for any child care facility or nursery school which is determined to be nonprofit, including but not limited to parent cooperatives and facilities funded by a governmental agency or owned or operated by a philanthropic institution, church, or similar institution.  A facility funded by a governmental agency shall indicate the primary current and anticipated source of funds.
   Where any uncertainty exists as to the nonprofit status of the facility, the applicant shall file a copy of the articles of incorporation or an affidavit showing, to the satisfaction of a Zoning Administrator, that the child care facility will be nonprofit.