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   (Added by Ord. No. 168,447, Eff. 1/31/93.)
   Subdivided lands may be merged and resubdivided without reverting to acreage by complying with all the applicable requirements for the subdivision of land as provided by this article. The filing of the final map or parcel map shall constitute legal merging of the separate parcels into one parcel and the resubdivision of the parcel. Any unused fees or deposits previously made pursuant to this article pertaining to the property shall be credited pro rata towards any requirements which are applicable at the time of resubdivision. Any streets or easements to be left in effect after the resubdivision shall be adequately delineated on the map. After approval of the merger and resubdivision by the City Council, the map shall be delivered to the County Recorder. The filing of the map shall constitute legal merger and resubdivision of the land affected thereby and shall also constitute abandonment of all streets and easements not shown on the map.