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   A.   Time Limit. (Amended by Ord. No. 182,106, Eff. 5/20/12.) The following provisions establish the term of preliminary Parcel Map approvals and Tentative Map approvals under Section 17.50 C. of this Code:
   1.   Within 36 months after the approval or conditional approval of the preliminary Parcel Map or approval of a Tentative Map filed pursuant to the requirements of Section 17.50 C. of this Code, a final Parcel Map showing each new parcel shall be prepared and filed with the City Engineer and submitted by the City Engineer to the City Council. The failure of a person dividing land to file the map with the City Engineer within that period and to have the map corrected and presented by the City Engineer to the City Clerk within the specified time limit shall automatically terminate and void the proceedings unless the time is extended by the Advisory Agency or the Appeal Board, upon the appeal from a denial of the extension by the Advisory Agency.
   2.   The time limit for the submittal of a corrected Parcel Map to the City Council may be extended for a period or periods not exceeding a total of 72 months.
   The provisions of this subsection shall apply to those maps described above and shall also apply to those maps that were approved or conditionally approved prior to the effective date of this subsection and that have not terminated prior to that date.
   EXCEPTION. The term of a preliminary Parcel Map approval or Tentative Map approval under Section 17.50 C. of this Code shall be automatically extended pursuant to the provisions of California Governmental Code Sections 66452.21, 66452.22, and 66452.23, and any other current or future provision of the Subdivision Map Act that operates to extend the term of such approvals.
   B.   Procedure. (Amended by Ord. No. 157,811, Eff. 8/13/83.) A final parcel map shall be prepared and filed with the City Engineer in compliance with the provisions of this article. Said map shall conform substantially to the approved preliminary parcel map, or the approved tentative map which was filed pursuant to the requirements contained in Section 17.50 of this Code. The final parcel map shall be accepted by the City Council provided that:
   1.   The necessary improvements and grading or retaining structure construction, as set forth in the approval of the preliminary parcel map, have been installed and approved by the City, or provided the subdivider executes an Improvement Agreement and submits or agrees to submit:
   a.   Improvement plans; and
   b.   Satisfactory grading or construction plans, where grading or construction of an engineered retaining structure is required in Hillside Areas; and
   c.   Improvement Securities, warranty guarantees, and labor and material payment securities in accordance with provisions of Section 17.08 G. of this Code
   2.   All approvals have been obtained from City departments and other public agencies; and
   3.   Any special assessment or bond required to be paid or guaranteed pursuant to Section 66493(c) of the Subdivision Map Act has been paid in full, or such payment has been guaranteed.
   C.   Final Parcel Map Requirements. (Title Amended by Ord. No. 157,811, Eff. 8/31/83.)
   1.   The following information shall be submitted with the Parcel Map: names, address and telephone number of the record owners, and person preparing the Parcel Map. The general form and layout of the map, including size and type of lettering, drafting and location of acknowledgment, etc., shall be determined by the City Engineer. The map shall be prepared on high quality tracing cloth or other material approved by the City Engineer.
   1.5   The map shall show the location of each parcel and its relation to surrounding surveys. The location of any remainder of the original parcel shall be shown, but need not be shown as a matter of survey but only by reference to the existing record boundaries of such remainder if such remainder has a gross area of five acres or more. (Added by Ord. No. 133,753, Eff. 4/11/75.)
   2.   (Amended by No. 146,985, Eff. 4/11/75.) Each sheet of said Parcel Map shall be 18 × 26 inches. A marginal line shall be drawn around each sheet, leaving a blank margin of one inch. The scale of the map shall be such as to show all details clearly. Each sheet shall be numbered, and its relation to other sheets clearly shown. The Parcel Map number, scale and north point shall be shown on each sheet. If more than three sheets are necessary to show the entire division of land, an index map shall be included on one of the sheets.
   The exterior boundary of the land included within the subdivision shall be indicated by distinctive symbols and clearly so designated. Each parcel shall be identified by a letter.
   3.   Where the division of land creates four or less parcels, the Parcel Map may be compiled from recorded or filed data when sufficient survey information exists on filed maps to locate and retrace the exterior boundary lines of the parcel map if the location of at least one of these boundary lines can be established from an existing monumented line. (Amended by Ord. No. 146,985, Eff. 4/11/75. )
   4.   All other Parcel Maps shall be based upon a field survey made in conformance with the Land Surveyor’s Act.
   5.   The Parcel Map shall be prepared by a registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor. A signed Surveyor’s Certificate as required by the Subdivision Map Act shall appear on the Parcel Map.
   5.5   Where there are no dedications being made by the Parcel Map, a certificate signed and acknowledged by the fee owners only, of the real property being subdivided, consenting to the preparation and recordation of the parcel map, shall be required. (Added by Ord. No. 148,598, Eff. 8/25/76.)
   6.   Within 20 days after receiving the Parcel Map, the City Engineer shall examine it for the survey information shown thereon, and if he is satisfied that it is technically correct, he shall certify the map in accordance with the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act.
   7.   Each approved Parcel Map recorded with the County Recorder shall contain the following statement; “The approval of this Parcel Map shall not be construed as having been based upon geological investigation such as will authorize the issuance of building permits on the subject property. Such permits will be issued only at such time as the Department of Building and Safety has received such topographic maps and geological reports as it deems necessary to justify the issuance of such building permits.” (Added by Ord. No. 143,254, Eff. 5/14/72.)