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   (Amended by Ord. No. 184,654, Eff. 1/16/17.)
   (a)   Unless a fee Exemption pursuant to Section 19.14(b) applies, the following fees shall be charged and collected by the Los Angeles Housing Department (Department) for the preparation, enforcement, monitoring, and associated work relating to the affordable housing covenants described in Sections 12.22 A.25.(h)(1) through (3), 12.22 A.29.(d)(1) through (2), and 14.00 A.10.(c)(2) of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 187,122, Eff. 8/8/21.)
Type of Service:
Housing Replacement Determinations pursuant to AB 2222
$1,027.00 per unit
Affordable Housing Covenant Preparation
$5,770.00* per project
Affordable Housing Covenant Amendments
$5,770.00 per amendment
Affordable Housing Covenant Assumptions and Terminations
$1,214.00 per assumption or termination
Affordable Housing Covenant Monitoring
$173.00* per restricted unit, per year
Filing Fee
$43.00* per project
   (b)   Fee Exemption: New projects subject to an affordable housing covenant described in Section 19.14(a) wherein at least 50% of the units are restricted for use as permanent supportive housing shall be exempt from the fees above marked with an asterisk.
   (c)   Any owner or landlord of a project subject to an existing affordable housing covenant in effect prior to the effective date of the fees set forth in Section 19.14(a) and which contains a conflicting monitoring fee amount, shall be subject to the fee set forth in the existing covenant.
   (d)   The fees in Section 19.14(a) shall be fully due and payable at the time of the request for service, except for the affordable housing monitoring fees, which may be paid pursuant to the options set forth in Section 19.14(e).
   (e)      (e)   The affordable housing covenant monitoring fees may be pre-paid in full at or before the time of the recording of an underlying affordable housing covenant or billed annually to an owner or landlord upon the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for the project subject to an underlying affordable housing covenant. (Amended by Ord. No. 184,907, Eff. 5/17/17.)
   (f)   The Department shall have the right to bring legal action in any court to collect the amount of any outstanding fees. The Department may make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.