Street Numbers
   91.01   Duty to number
   91.02   Base line for north-south streets; number assigned; direction prefix
   91.03   Base line for east-west streets; number assigned; direction prefix
   91.04   Location and size of numbers
Street Grades
   91.15   Plane for grades established
   91.16   Engineer to make profile
   91.17   Street grade to be established before sidewalk
   91.18   Grade of walks to conform to that of street
Street Excavations
   91.30   Requests for issuance of permit to excavate
   91.31   Backfilling of street excavation
   91.32   Barricades and flares
   91.33   Time to replace street excavations
   91.45   Petition for construction of sidewalk
   91.46   Sidewalks on State and Ninth Streets
   91.47   Sidewalks other than those listed in § 91.46
   91.48   Occupation of sidewalks by parts of buildings
   91.49   Sidewalk construction: lights; drainage; surface; support
   91.50   Obstruction of traffic control devices, street lights, sidewalks and streets
   91.51   Removal of obstructions from streets or other public grounds
   91.52   Placement of buildings upon streets or other public grounds
Sidewalk Sales
   91.60   Definition
   91.61   Hours of sale
   91.62   Obstruction of traffic
   91.63   Permits required
   91.64   Application: contents; filing; time limit
   91.65   Request to be submitted to the City Council
   91.66   Waiver of liability required: execution of waiver; failure to execute waiver
   91.67   Liability insurance required: amount; terms; conditions
   91.68   Action on application: grounds for refusal; reapplication; time limit
   91.69   Fees: determination; payment; adjustment of fees
   91.70   Exemptions
   91.71   Issuance of permit; contents
   91.72   Copy of permit to be furnished Chief of Police
Sidewalk Cafés
   91.80   Permit required
   91.81   Application
   91.82   Inspection
   91.83   Regulations
   91.84   Restrictions
   91.85   Fees
   91.86   Enforcement and revocation
   91.87   Permit approval and revocation
   91.88   Appeal
   91.99   Penalty
   Residential picketing, prohibition and exceptions, see § 130.22