The debris, dirt, stone, or all other material from a street excavation shall not be replaced in the excavation, but shall be hauled away and all street excavations shall be backfilled and compacted with pea CA6 grade gravel from the bottom of the excavation to within six inches of the top of the excavation, the remainder of the excavation shall be of like substance as the pavement removed; black top (bituminous surface Class I) if in an asphalt paved street, concrete if in a concrete paved street.
(`79 Code, § 91.101) (Ord. 528, passed 5-17-54; Am. Ord. 658, passed 3-16-64; Am. Ord. 1022, passed 12-16-85; Am. Ord. 88-134, passed 12-5-88) Penalty, see § 91.99