Whenever any property owner shall desire a sidewalk adjoining his premises, he shall file with the City Council a petition requesting a permit to do the work, including as part of the petition the plans and specifications for the building of the sidewalks, specifying the kind of material to be used, the dimensions of the proposed sidewalk, the location of the property to be improved and whether the same is to be located on solid ground or on supports as a roof over a vault. The City Council shall, if considered advisable, direct the property owner to submit to the City Council an engineer's or architect's certificate certifying that the plans as set forth in the petition are sufficient to carry the load normally required of it with a sufficient safety factor and that the plans and specifications comply with the terms and provisions of this chapter. The City Council shall thereafter, if still deemed advisable, grant the petitioner permission to build the sidewalk providing the property owner complies with all the ordinances of the city and keeps proper safeguards for the protection of pedestrians while the repair or construction of the sidewalk is in progress. All sidewalks built in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall be constructed according to the plans and specifications as set forth in the petition presented to the Council and shall be built under the supervision of the Director of City Services.
(`79 Code, § 91.500)