General Provisions
   70.01   Adoption of Illinois Vehicle Code
Operational Prohibitions
   70.10   Muffler; muffler cutout; excessive smoke, gas or noise prohibited
   70.20   Angle parking; parallel; one-way streets
   70.21   Limitation on extended parking
   70.22   Overnight parking
   70.23   Prohibited parking areas; prohibited movements in no-parking zones
   70.24   Parkway parking permit
   70.25   Power of City Council to restrict parking; posting of signs
   70.26   Authority of city to prohibit or limit parking
   70.27   Parking during and after snowfalls
   70.28   Unoccupied vehicles
   70.29   Non-registered vehicles
   70.30   Parking for certain purposes prohibited
   70.31   Storage of vehicles prohibited
   70.32   Parking in maneuvering area prohibited
   70.33   Backing into parking spaces
   70.34   Impoundment of vehicle
   70.35   Parking zones; definitions
   70.36   Unauthorized use of parking places reserved for handicapped persons
   70.37   Parking zones
   70.38   Director of City Services may alter zones
   70.39   Location; indication of legal and expired parking times
   70.40   Installation
   70.41   Designation of individual parking spaces; parking within spaces required
   70.42   Notice of time limitations
   70.43   Hours of operation
   70.44   Deposit of coins
   70.45   Deposit of slugs
   70.46   Time allowed; overtime parking
   70.47   Annual permits; fees
   70.48   Quarterly and daily fees for commuter parking lot
   70.49   Damaging or defacing parking signs
   70.50   Backing into municipal lots prohibited
   70.51   Contents of violation report
   70.52   Failure to pay fine
   70.53   Parking during construction
   70.54   Presumption as to identity of violator
   70.55   Fire lane prohibition
   70.56   Deposit of snow or ice upon highway; prohibition
   70.57   Residential permit parking by Lockport Township East High School
Vehicle Size, Weight and Load
   70.61   Truck routes
   70.62   Weight restrictions and permits
   70.63   Adoption of state law
   70.64   Violations; penalties
   70.65   Trucks driving over the curb or sidewalk
   70.99   Penalty