EDITOR'S NOTE: The Johnstown Charter was originally adopted by the electors at the general election of November 4, 1997. Dates appearing in parentheses following a section heading in the Table of Contents, or following a section in the text, indicate that the section was subsequently adopted, amended or repealed on the date given.
Art. I       Name; Boundaries; Form of Government
1.01    Name and Boundaries
1.02    Form of Government
Art. II    Powers of the Municipality
2.01    General Powers Granted
2.02    Exercise of Powers
2.03    Construction of Powers
2.04    Cooperative Authority
Art. III    Council
3.01    Powers of Council
3.02    Composition, Eligibility, Nominations and Terms
3.03    Prohibitions
3.04    Mayor, Council President and Acting President
3.05    Clerk of Council
3.06    Council Meetings
3.07    Council Organization and Rules
3.08    Compensation
3.09    Vacancies and Filling of Vacancies
3.10    Forfeiture of Office
Art. IV    Legislative and other Procedures
4.01    Form of Action by Council
4.02    Form and Reading of Legislation
4.03    Procedure for Consideration of Legislation
4.04    Effective Date of Legislation
4.05   Emergency Ordinances
4.06    Authentication of Legislation
4.07    Recording and Certification of Legislation
4.08    Amendment of Legislation
4.09    Zoning Ordinances
4.10    Adoption of Technical Codes
4.11    Codification
4.12    Publication of Legislation
Art. V    Manager
5.01    Appointment, Qualifications, and Compensation
5.02   Procedure for Removal
5.03    Acting Manager
5.04    Powers and Duties of the Manager
Art. VI    Municipal Departments and Personnel Systems
6.01    Creation and Alteration
6.02    Powers, Duties and Functions
6.03    Department Directors
6.04    Director of Law
6.05    Director of Finance
6.06    Personnel Systems
Art. VII    Boards, Commissions and Committees
7.01    Creation of Boards, Commissions and Committees
7.02    General Rules for Boards, Commissions and Committees
7.03    Planning and Zoning Commission
7.04    Personnel Board of Review
Art. VIII    Budgeting and Contracting Procedures
8.01    General
8.02    Operating Budget
8.03    Capital Program
8.04    Contracting Procedures
Art. IX    Elections, Initiative, Referendum and Recall
9.01    Regular Municipal Elections
9.02    Special Elections
9.03    Conduct of Elections
9.04    Initiative and Referendum
9.05    Recall
Art. X    General Provisions
10.01    Conflicts of Interest; Ethics; Campaign Financing
10.02    Succession
10.03    Amendment of Charter
10.04    Charter Review Commission
10.05    Effect of Partial Invalidity
10.06    Effective Date of Charter