TITLE ONE -    Subdivision Regulations
Chap. 1101.    Definitions.
Chap. 1103.    Variances and Approval.
Chap. 1105.    Preliminary Plats.
Chap. 1107.    Final Plats.
Chap. 1109.    Improvements.
Chap. 1111.    Design Standards.
TITLE THREE -    Zoning Administration
Chap. 1121.    Definitions.
Chap. 1123.    Title, Interpretation and Validity.
Chap. 1125.    Compliance; Enforcement; Zoning Inspector; Penalty.
Chap. 1127.    Zoning Certificates and Certificates of Compliance.
Chap. 1129.    Planning and Zoning Commission.
Chap. 1131.    Conditional Uses.
Chap. 1132. Temporary Uses.
Chap. 1133.    Variances.
Chap. 1135.    Zoning Map.
Chap. 1137.    Amendments.
TITLE FIVE -    Zoning Districts
Chap. 1141.    Districts Generally.
Chap. 1142.   Rural Residential RR District.
Chap. 1143.    Suburban Residential SR-1 District.
Chap. 1145.    Suburban Residential SR-2 District.
Chap. 1147.    Urban Residential Low Density UR-1 District.
Chap. 1149.    Urban Residential Moderate Density UR-2 District.
Chap. 1151.    Multiple-Family Residential AR-1 District.
Chap. 1155.    General Community Commercial GCC-1 District.
Chap. 1157.    General Community Commercial GCC-2 District.
Chap. 1159.    Light Manufacturing LM District.
Chap. 1161.    Flood Plain FP District.
Chap. 1163.    Open Space OS District.
      Chap. 1164. Agricultural AG District.   
      Chap. 1165. Planned Development PD District.
Chap. 1167. (VC) Village Center District.
Chap. 1169.    Village Commercial District.
Chap. 1170. Special Use SU District.
TITLE SEVEN -    Zoning Standards and Special Provisions
Chap. 1171.    Supplementary District Regulations.
Chap. 1173.    Home Occupations.
Chap. 1175.    Off-Street Parking and Loading Facilities.
Chap. 1177.    Signs.
Chap. 1179.    Single Family Planned Residential District (SFPRD).
Chap. 1181.    Nonconforming Uses.
      Chap. 1183.    Landscaping.
      Chap. 1184. Agricultural Buffering and Mitigation.
      Chap. 1185.    Fences.
TITLE NINE -    Design Review
      Chap. 1187. Design Review Administration and Regulations.
   TITLE ELEVEN - Property Maintenance Code
      Chap. 1189. International Property Maintenance Code.