Unless otherwise provided in this Charter or by Council, the laws of the State of Ohio pertaining to conflicts of interest, criminal misbehavior, ethics, and financial disclosure by municipal officials and employees, and campaign financing and other election practices of candidates for municipal office shall apply under this Charter.
   10.02 SUCCESSION.
   All persons holding office at the time this Charter is adopted, shall continue in office and in the performance of their duties until provision shall have been otherwise made in accordance with this Charter for the performance or discontinuance of the duties of any such office. When such provision  shall have been made, the term of any such officer shall expire and the  office be deemed abolished. The powers which are conferred and the duties which are imposed upon any officer, board or department of the Municipality under the laws of the State, or under any municipal ordinance or contract in force at the time of the taking effect of this Charter shall, if such office or department is abolished by this Charter, be thereafter exercised and discharged by the Council, officer, board or department upon whom are imposed corresponding functions, powers and duties by this Charter or by any ordinance or resolution of the Municipality thereafter
   (b)    CONTRACTS.
   All vested rights of the Municipality shall continue to be vested and shall not in any manner be affected by the adoption of this Charter; nor shall any right or liability, or pending suit or prosecution, either in behalf of or against the Municipality, be in any manner affected by the adoption of this Charter, unless otherwise herein expressly provided to the contrary. All contracts entered into by the Municipality for its benefit prior to this Charter taking effect shall continue in full force and effect. All public work begun prior to this Charter taking effect shall be continued and perfected hereunder.  Public improvements for which legislative steps shall have been taken
under laws in force at the time this Charter takes effect may be carried to completion in accordance with the provisions of such laws.