General Provisions
   93.001   International Fire Code adopted
   93.002   Raising and lowering fireproof curtain
   93.003   Tampering with fire alarm equipment
   93.004   Opening fire hydrants
   93.005   Ambulance users fee
   93.006   Fireworks, pyrotechnics and explosive materials prohibited in buildings
   93.007   Reimbursement to the city for ambulance transport or medical services rendered to persons in the City Jail
   93.020   License required; application
   93.021   Investigation of place of storage
   93.022   Approval of license application
   93.023   Records of issued permits
   93.024   Amount allowed to be kept
   93.025   Handling near artificial light
   93.026   Location and construction of storage area
   93.027   Time limit for loading and unloading
   93.028   Conveyance
   93.029   Manufacture prohibited
   93.030   Violations
Responses by Haz-Mat Team
   93.045   Creation of Haz-Mat Team
   93.046   Charges for use of Haz-Mat Team by shippers, vehicle users
   93.047   Charges for use of Hammond Fire Department by owners, tenants of mobile and fixed facilities
   93.048   Billing by Fire Department, Board of Public Works and Safety
   93.049   Failure to reimburse city
Fireworks Stands
   93.060   Incorporation of state statutes by reference
   93.061   Construction and location standards
   93.062   Fire prevention
   93.063   License required
   93.064   Enforcement
   93.065   Revocation of license; closing of stand
   93.066   Fireworks prohibited
Spills of Hazardous or Toxic Substances
   93.080   Definitions
   93.081   Spill reporting requirements
   93.082   Special information to be furnished by persons dealing with hazardous substances
   93.083   Enforcement; right of entry
Smoke Detectors
   93.095   Definitions
   93.096   Smoke detectors required
   93.097   Location and installation
   93.098   Maintenance
   93.099   Duties of property owner and tenant
   93.100   Enforcement
   93.101   Injunctive relief
   93.115   Privately owned hydrants located in Hammond
   93.999   Penalty