Employees Generally
256.01   Bonds.
256.02   Holidays.
256.03   Vacations.
256.04   Sick or bereavement leave.
256.045   Sick leave donation policy.
256.05   Personal or business emergency leave.
256.06   Payment of unused sick leave and vacation time upon retirement.
256.07   Family Medical Leave Act.
256.08   Ohio Public Employees Retirement System contributions.
256.09   Drug-free workplace policy.
256.10   Alcohol and controlled substance testing policy for drivers of commercial motor vehicles.
256.11   On-call schedule and compensation policy for EMS personnel.
256.12   Employee driving record review policy.
256.13   Vehicle use policy.
256.14   Credit card policy.
256.15   Cell phone use policy.
256.16   Travel allowance and expenditure policy.
256.17   Computer and internet usage policy.
Miscellaneous Regulations
256.40   Overtime pay.
256.41   Irregular compensation.
256.42   Defining the terms full-time and part-time.
256.43   Eligibility for health insurance coverage.
Workers' compensation - see Ohio Const., Art. III, Sec. 35; Ohio R.C. Ch. 4123
Employee bonds - see CHTR. Art. IV, Sec. 7
Officers and employees generally - see CHTR. Art. VI
Conflicts of interest - see CHTR. Art. VIII, Sec. 12, Art. XII, Sec. 7; GEN. OFF. 606.17
Continuance of officers and employees - see CHTR. Art. XII, Sec. 5
Oath of office - see CHTR. Art. XII, Sec. 6
Public Employee's Retirement System - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 145