Police Department
EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 00-006, passed March 7, 2000, authorized the Village to enter into mutual aid contracts with other municipalities in Lorain County, with the Board of County Commissioners of Lorain County and with the Lorain County Sheriff, to provide mutual police assistance in the interchange and use of personnel and equipment. Copies of this Ordinance and of the latest agreements may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk-Treasurer.
244.01   On-duty and off-duty responsibilities.
244.02   Responsibility re fires.
244.03   Auxiliary Police Unit.
244.04   Confidential Investigation Fund.
244.05   Police Safety Director. (Repealed)
244.06   Policy for advising residents about sex offenders.
   Police Chief - see CHTR. Art. VI, Secs. 1, 3
   Petty Cash and Change Funds - see ADM. 234.03, 234.035
   Enforcement and Education Fund - see ADM. 234.05
   Law Enforcement Trust Fund - see ADM. 234.06
   Police Pension Fund - see ADM. 234.08
   Police Youth Activities Fund - see ADM. 234.11
   Police Equipment Fund - see ADM. 234.12
   Resisting police officers - see TRAF. 404.02; GEN. OFF. 606.14 et seq.
   Authority to remove ignition keys - see TRAF. 404.08
   Traffic control powers of Police Chief - see TRAF. 406.01 et seq.
   Dereliction of duty - see GEN. OFF. 606.19
   Disposition of property - see GEN. OFF. 606.24
   Impersonating a police officer - see GEN. OFF. 606.25, 642.20
   Justifiable use of force to suppress riot - see GEN. OFF. 648.03