73.001   Limits and rates
   73.002   Parking in city parking structures
   73.003   Leased parking
   73.004   Stopping, standing, or parking within business or residence district
   73.005   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places
   73.006   Parking at curb
   73.007   No parking areas
   73.008   Parking on public right-of-way
   73.009   Parking on Redden Square
   73.010   Parking at the public safety building
   73.011   Restricted parking
   73.012   All-night parking prohibited
   73.013   Parking trucks over certain weight
   73.014   Parking in alleys
   73.015   Permits for establishing no parking area
   73.016   Parking for purpose of sale, washing, greasing, or repairing
   73.017   Bus stops and taxicab stands
   73.018   Stopping or parking in bus stops or taxicab stands
   73.019   Permits relative to loading and unloading
   73.020   Certain parking prohibited
   73.021   Presumption of control of illegally parked vehicles; duty to protest violation
   73.022   Lessors of visitor vehicles; duty upon receiving notice of violation of this chapter; penalty
   73.023   Parking by trucks; blocking traffic lane
   73.024   Reserved
   73.025   Pavement, curb or other markings; parking within lines
   73.026   Damage to property
   73.027   Spaces for handicapped persons
   73.028   Parking enforcement officers
   73.029   Officers authorized to remove vehicles
   73.030   Parking on housing authority lots
   73.031   Special use parking permit
   73.032   Municipal Building parking lot
   73.033   Downtown cross-block parking
   73.034   Reserved
   73.035   Driver's license suspension
   73.999   Penalty; pre-hearing settlement
   Parking of operable vehicles, § 151.04(HH)