All vehicles are prohibited from parking on that portion of the public right-of-way located between the edge of the curb line and the property line or any sidewalk, except as follows:
   (A)   Parking may be permitted between the curb line and the property line or any sidewalk when the following conditions are complied with:
      (1)   Application to park in the aforementioned restricted area shall be made to the City Engineer. The City Engineer shall review the application to determine the appropriateness of setting aside the area described in the application for parking.
      (2)   Permission shall not be granted to park in the aforesaid area unless the applicant agrees to provide an all-weather parking surface, either asphalt or concrete, which conforms to specifications developed and published by the City Engineer.
      (3)   Applicants who are granted permission to park in the aforesaid area shall agree to maintain the paved area in accordance with the specifications as published by the City Engineer and shall agree to inspection from time to time by the City Engineer or a designated employee of the City.
      (4)   Upon completion of the aforesaid paved area an inspection will be conducted by the City Engineer or his designee. Final approval for use of the area shall be granted by the City Engineer if the paved area conforms to the specifications described above, as well as all other applicable codes.
      (5)   Permission shall not be granted if the parking of a vehicle in such an area would create a safety hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or if the area to be set aside would be in violation of any other City code, including Chapters 150 and 151.
      (6)   No permission shall be granted to construct an all-weather parking surface in the aforementioned area on any route designated as a state numbered route through the City.
   (B)   Application forms shall be obtained by the applicant from the City Clerk, and a fee of $10 shall be paid to the City Clerk upon submission of a completed application.
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