(A)   When a contractor or vendor is performing work within an area where parking is governed by two-hour time restrictions, the contractor or vendor may purchase a special use parking permit from the Superintendent of Downtown Services.
   (B)   The permit described in subsection (A) above may be purchased by the day or by the year. The cost per day, or any portion of a day, shall be $5. The cost per year shall be $100.
   (C)   The permit shall be valid as to only one vehicle. If it is necessary for a contractor or vendor to have more than one vehicle on the job site, the contractor or vendor must complete a separate application and obtain a permit for each vehicle.
   (D)   The application form is available from the Superintendent of Downtown Services. On the application the contractor or vendor shall provide the following information: name, address, phone number; license number of the vehicle for which the permit is sought; location of job site; the date on which the permit will be needed; and the duration of the need for the permit. The contractor or vendor shall provide any additional information as requested by the Superintendent of Downtown Services.
   (E)   The contractor or vendor will receive a permit card from the superintendent of motor vehicle parking. The card may contain, but not necessarily be limited to, the following information: the name of the contractor or vendor; date the permit was issued; the license plate for the vehicle to which the permit was issued; and the expiration date of the permit.
   (F)   The permit card shall be prominently displayed on the driver's side dashboard in the vehicle for which the permit was purchased.
   (G)   The permit purchased under this section shall not allow the vehicle to be parked in a handicapped parking space, fire lane, or other area governed by a parking restriction other than a two-hour restriction.
(Ord. 7943, passed 2-3-98; Am. Ord. 8194, passed 9-4-01; Am. Ord. 8470, passed 2-21-06; Am. Ord. 8777, passed 12-20-11)