Equipment in General
   74.001   Scope and effect of equipment requirements
   74.002   When lighted lamps are required
   74.003   Clearance, identification, and side marker lamps
   74.004   Lamps on parked vehicles
   74.005   Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
   74.006   Implements of husbandry or slow-moving vehicles; display of amber signal lamp
   74.007   Spot lamps and auxiliary driving lamps
   74.008   Special lighting equipment on rural mail delivery vehicles
   74.009   Special restrictions on lamps
   74.010   Use of headlamps
   74.011   Lamp or flag on projecting load
   74.012   Signal lamps and signal devices
   74.013   Additional lighting equipment
   74.014   Number of driving lamps required or permitted
   74.015   Oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights on motorvehicles
   74.016   Brakes
   74.017   Brake fluid
   74.018   Horns and warning devices
   74.019   Mufflers, prevention of noise
   74.020   Mirrors
   74.021   Windshields must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers
   74.022   Restriction as to tire equipment
   74.023   Sale or lease of siped or regrooved pneumatic tire
   74.024   Sale or lease of retreaded or recapped pneumatic tire
   74.025   Sale or lease of pneumatic tire without marking
   74.026   Operating condition of pneumatic tires
   74.027   Seat safety belts
   74.028   Video devices
   74.029   Tow trucks; identification, equipment, insurance
   74.030   Suspension system
   74.031   Bumpers
   74.032   Disposal of motor vehicles bearing police markings
   74.033   Number plate
Special Equipment Requirements for Vehicles of the Second Division
   74.040   Tractors, traction engines, and motor trucks; operation onhighways; turning on highways during farming operations;violations
   74.041   Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warningdevices
   74.042   Road oil vehicles; dripping on certain highways forbidden
   74.043   (Reserved)
   74.044   (Reserved)
   74.045   (Reserved)
   74.046   Fire apparatus; safety belts
   74.047   Overloaded school bus; liability insurance
   74.048   Operator protective frames on tractor-mower combinations
   74.049   Slow-moving vehicle emblem
   74.050   Rear fender splash guards
Special Equipment Requirements for School Buses
   74.060   Definitions
   74.061   Color
   74.062   Identification
   74.063   Stop signal arm
   74.064   Other vehicles; color, stop signal arm, and identification
   74.065   Special lighting equipment
   74.066   Identification, stop signal arm, and special lightingwhen not used as a school bus
   74.067   Seat belt for driver
   74.068   Fire extinguisher
   74.069   First aid kit
   74.070   Restraining devices for passengers who are persons with disabilities
   74.071   Amber 3 bar clearance light
   74.072   Rules and regulations
Special Equipment Requirements for Religious Organization Buses
   74.080   Special lighting equipment
   74.081   Color and Marking
   74.100   Scope and effect of §§ 74.100 through 74.116
   74.101   Width of vehicles
   74.102   Height of vehicles
   74.103   (Reserved)
   74.104   Projecting loads on passenger vehicles
   74.105   Protruding members of vehicles
   74.106   Length of vehicles
   74.107   Planking edge of a pavement
   74.108   Spilling loads prohibited
   74.109   Towed vehicles
   74.110   Wheel and axle loads and gross weights
   74.111   Officers to weigh vehicles and require removal of excess loads
   74.112   Violations; penalties
   74.113   Sentence of permit moves
   74.114   Sentence of permit moves exceeding axle weights
   74.115   Sentence of permit moves exceeding gross weight
   74.116   Pushing of disabled vehicles
   74.117   Weight of motor vehicle and load generally; distribution of load
   74.118   Trucks weighing in excess of 10,000 pounds
   74.119   Trucks carrying livestock, acids, or poultry
   74.120   Trucks carrying volatile liquids or explosives
Permits and Fees
   74.125   Permits for excess size and weight
   74.126   Fees for special permits
   74.127   Issuance fees
   74.128   Reserved
   74.129   Fees for house trailer combinations
   74.130   Fees for overdimension vehicles, combinations, and loads other than house trailer combinations
   74.131   Fees for overweight-axle loads
   74.132   Fees for overweight-gross loads
   74.133   Fees for overweight trucks hauling agricultural commodities
   74.134   Fees for moves directly across highway
   74.135   Fees for buildings and special moves
   74.136   Fees for engineering inspections or field investigations
   74.137   Fees for police escort
   74.138   Supplemental permit fee
   74.139   Payment of fees
   74.140   Exemptions to requirements of fees
   74.141   When the city council may restrict right to use highways
   74.142   Special weight limitation on elevated structures
   74.143   Liability if highway or structure damaged