471.01   Right-of-way in Crosswalk
471.02   Right-of-way of Blind Person
471.03   Crossing Roadway Outside Crosswalk
471.04   Moving upon Right Half of Crosswalk
471.041   Persons Operating Motorized Wheelchairs
471.05   Walking Along Highways
471.06   Use of Highway for Soliciting; Riding in Cargo Storage Area, on Tailgate or on Outside of Vehicle
471.061   To Repeatedly Stop, Hail Down, or Beckon to Vehicles Prohibited; Exceptions; Penalties
471.07   Right-of-way on Sidewalk
471.08   Yielding to Public Safety Vehicle
471.09   Intoxicated or Drugged Pedestrian on Highway
471.10   On Bridges or Railroad Crossings
471.11   Using Ordinary Care
471.12   Designation of Pedestrian Ways; Prohibition of Private Vehicular Traffic
   Obedience to traffic control devices, CO 413.01,413.03
   Pedestrian control signals, CO 413.05
   Pedestrian defined, CO 401.37
   Pedestrian’s right-of-way at airports, CO 571.42
   Pedestrians prohibited on freeways, CO 403.12
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law