451.01   Officer May Remove Ignition Key
451.02   Prima Facie Evidence of Unlawful Parking
451.03   Statutory Prohibited Standing or Parking Places
451.04   Manner of Parallel Parking
451.041   Physically Handicapped Parking
451.05   Manner of Angle Parking
451.06   Unattended Vehicle: Duty to Stop Engine, Remove Key, Set Brake and Turn Wheels
451.07   Opening Vehicle Door on Traffic Side
451.08   Narrow Roadways and Alleys
451.09   Hydrant Side of Street
451.10   Hazardous Traffic Obstructions
451.11   Hospital Grounds
451.12   City Property
451.13   Distance from Theaters
451.14   Advertising, Displaying for Sale, Washing or Repairing
451.15   Fire Lanes on Public and Private Property
451.16   Street Cleaning
451.17   Snow Emergency
451.18   Bus Stops and Taxicab Stands
451.19   Motor Carriers
451.20   Truck Zones
451.21   Trucks and Commercial Vehicles
451.22   Between Sidewalk and Setback Line
451.23   Tree Lawn and Private Driveway
451.24   Private Driveway or Private Property
451.241   Parking Vehicles on Vacant Lots Prohibited
451.25   Abandoned Vehicles
451.251   Prohibition Against Abandonment of Junk Motor Vehicle
451.26   Vehicles on Service Station Property
451.27   Notice to Cover or Remove Junk Motor Vehicles
451.271   Abandonment Established by Notice
451.28   Reserved Street Parking for United States Marshal
451.29   Reserved Street Parking for United States Postal Service
451.30   Reserved Street Parking for City Vehicles – Expired
451.31   Reserved Street Parking for City Police Vehicles
451.32   Reserved
451.33   Establishment of Zones for Valet Parking, Limousine, Day Care and Passenger Drop off/Pick up, and Hotel Check In/Check Out; Violations; Fees
   Abandoned vehicles prohibited at airports, CO 571.40
   Airport parking areas, CO 571.37 et seq.
   Downtown area parking, CO 403.04
   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles, CO 437.09
   Parking commercial vehicles in residential districts, CO 349.13
   Parking near stopped fire apparatus, CO 431.27
   Parking waste collection vehicles restricted, CO 203.08
   Placing handbills on vehicles, CO 613.12
   Restrictions on driving and parking in parks, CO 559.60
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law