437.01   Unsafe Vehicles
437.02   Time for Lighted Lights on Motor Vehicles
437.03   Headlights on Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
437.04   Tail Light; Illumination of Rear License Plate
437.05   Rear Red Reflectors
437.06   Safety Lighting on Commercial Vehicles
437.07   Obscured Lights on Vehicles in Combination
437.08   Red Light or Red Flag on Extended Loads
437.09   Lights on Parked or Stopped Vehicles
437.10   Animal-Drawn or Slow-Moving Vehicles; Lamps; Reflectors and Emblems
437.11   Spotlight and Auxiliary Lights
437.12   Cowl, Fender and Back-Up Lights
437.13   Display of Lighted Lights
437.14   Use of Headlight Beams
437.15   Lights of Less Intensity on Slow-Moving Vehicles
437.16   Number of Lights; Limitations on Flashing, Oscillating or Rotating Lights
437.17   Regulations for Focus, Aim and Color of Headlights
437.18   Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Brakes
437.19   Horn, Sirens, and Warning Devices
437.20   Muffler; Muffler Cutout; Excessive Smoke, Gas or Noise
437.21   Rear-View Mirror
437.22   Windshield and Windshield Wipers
437.23   Limited Load Extension on Left Side of Passenger Vehicle
437.24   Motor Vehicle Stop Lights
437.25   Air Cleaner Required
437.26   Child Restraint System Usage; Exceptions
437.27   Occupant Restraining Devices
437.28   Using Tinted Glass and Other Vision Obscuring Materials
437.29   Bumper Heights
437.30   Passenger Facial Coverings in Vehicles for Hire During the COVID-19 Pandemic
437.99   Penalty
   Bicycle and mobility device signal devices, lights, reflectors, and brakes, CO 473.05
   Litter thrown by persons in vehicles, CO 613.06
   Mufflers required for engines, CO 605.12
   Noise produced by motor vehicles that are out of repair, CO 605.10
   Sounding motor vehicle horns unnecessarily, CO 605.10
   Towing requirements, CO 439.10
   Use of stop and turn signals, CO 431.14
   Use of studded tires and chains, CO 439.14
   Wheel protectors for commercial vehicles, CO 439.09
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Warning devices for commercial vehicles disabled upon freeways, RC 4513.28