485.01   Rules of the Road
485.02   Reckless Operation; Speed
485.03   Operating Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Prohibited; Evidence
485.04   Prima Facie Evidence of Operation Under the Influence
485.05   Following Too Closely
485.06   Emerging from Harbor, Basin, River into Open Water
485.07   Interference to Navigation; Watercraft Pound
485.08   Overloading
485.09   Reporting a Collision or Accident
485.10   Exemptions to Emergency Watercraft
485.11   Obedience to Federal and State Marine Rules of the Road
485.12   Anchoring
485.13   Mooring to Piers or Docks
485.14   Interference, Tampering or Mooring to Navigation Aids
485.15   Prima Facie Evidence of Unlawful Anchoring, Mooring or Tying
485.16   Launching Ramps
485.17   Renting Watercraft to Intoxicated Persons
485.18   Renting Watercraft to Persons Under Sixteen
485.19   Child Operators; Supervising Person; Incapacity of Operator
485.20   Water Skiing
485.21   Swimming
485.22   Skin Diving and SCUBA Diving
   Operating unsafe watercraft, CO 483.07
   Prohibited riding positions, CO 483.06
   Vehicular homicide, CO 621.02
   Water Traffic Code definitions, CO Ch. 481
Statutory reference:
   Operation regulations, RC 1547.05 et seq.
   Water skiing regulations, RC 1547.14 et seq.