405.01   Vehicle Pounds Authorized
405.02   Impounding of Vehicles
405.021   Ticketing and Impoundment of Vehicles by the Division of Parking Facilities
405.022   Release of Vehicles Impounded by the Division of Parking Facilities
405.023   Continuous Violation Tickets
405.03   Report of Condition of Vehicle Towed by Private Agency
405.04   Storage Fee at Vehicle Pound
405.05   Redemption of Impounded Vehicles; Bond; Hearing; Trial
405.06   Impounding and Towing Fees
405.07   Pound Records
405.08   Impounding Commercial Vehicles; Fees
405.09   Impounding Bicycles
405.10   Towing Preparation Fees
405.11   Fee for Incompleted Tow
405.12   Fee for Diverting Recovered Stolen Vehicles and Other Vehicles from Impoundment; Agreements Authorized
405.13   Auctioning of Impounded Motor Vehicles that are Unclaimed or Abandoned
   Abandoned junk vehicles, CO 451.27
   Abandoned vehicles, CO 451.25
   Driving unsafe, damaged vehicles, CO 437.01
   Use of illegal license plates prohibited, CO 435.11
Statutory reference:
   Disposition of unclaimed vehicles, RC 737.32, 4513.62 et seq.