403.01   Police Enforcement Duty
403.02   Compliance with Lawful Order of Police Officer; Fleeing
403.03   Regulations by Director of Public Service
403.04   Downtown Area Parking
403.05   Regulations by Police Chief
403.06   Powers of Commissioner of Traffic Engineering and Commissioner of Streets
403.07   Parking Enforcement
403.071   Idle Reduction, Enforcement
403.08   Littering Enforcement
403.09   Appeal from License or Permit Denial, Suspension or Revocation
403.10   Road Workers, Motor Vehicles and Equipment Excepted
403.11   Application to Persons Riding, Driving Animals Upon Roadway
403.12   Freeway Use Prohibited by Pedestrians, Bicycles and Animals
403.13   Application to Drivers of Government Vehicles
403.99   Traffic Code Misdemeanor Classifications and Penalties
   Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, CO  627.05
   Motor vehicle trespass, CO 625.07
   Taxicab license suspension or revocation, CO 443.12
   Unauthorized use of a vehicle, CO 625.06
   Willfully leaving vehicles on private or public property, CO 451.27
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Alteration of prima facie speed limits, RC 4511.21, 4511.22, 4511.23
   Designation of through streets and erection of stop or yield signs, RC 4511.65; CO 413.02
   Local traffic control devices, RC 4511.11
   Power of trial court of record to suspend or revoke license for certain violations, RC 4507.16
   Power to designate highway as included in a freeway, expressway or thruway, RC 4511.011
   Power to enact local traffic regulations, RC 4511.07, 4511.61
   Uniform application of Ohio Traffic Law, RC 4511.06