439.01   Oversize or Overweight Vehicle Operation on State Routes; State Permit
439.02   Permits for Overweight and/or Oversize Vehicles, Objects and Structures
439.021   Categories of Permits for Overweight and/or Oversize Moves; Permit Fees
439.03   Weight of Vehicle and Load; Truck Routes
439.04   Operation of Commercial Units upon Through Streets
439.05   Following Distance for Trucks
439.06   Slow-Moving Vehicles or Equipment Crossing Railroad Tracks
439.07   Maximum Width, Height and Length
439.08   Route and Load Information
439.09   Wheel Protectors
439.10   Towing Requirements
439.11   Loads Dropping or Leaking; Removal Required; Tracking Mud
439.12   Shifting Load; Loose Loads
439.13   Vehicles with Spikes, Lugs and Chains
439.14   Use of Studded Tires and Chains
439.15   Permitting or Driving While Fatigued or Ill Prohibited
439.16   Reserved
439.99   Penalties – Repealed
   Bus stops regulated, CO 451.18
   Impounding commercial vehicles, CO 405.08
   Parking commercial vehicles in residential districts, CO 349.13
   Parking trucks and commercial vehicles, CO 451.21
   Raw rendering material transportation, CO 221.03
   Safety lighting, CO 437.06
   Slow-moving vehicle lights and emblem, CO 437.10, 437.15
   Slower moving vehicles to be driven in right-hand lane, CO 431.06
   Truck loads causing litter, CO 613.07
   Truck zones, CO 451.20
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Arrest notice of drivers, RC 5577.14
   Hours of service of truck drivers, RC 4921.30
   Warning devices when disabled on freeways, RC 4513.28
   Weighing vehicle; removal of excess load, RC 4513.33