413.01   Obedience to Traffic Control Devices
413.02   Through Streets; Stop and Yield Right-of- Way Signs
413.03   Traffic Control Signal Terms and Lights
413.031   Use of Automated Cameras to Impose Civil Penalties upon Red Light and Speeding Violators
413.032   Costs of Collection of Unpaid Tickets for Photo-Enforced Offenses
413.04   Lane-Use Control Signals Over Individual Lanes
413.05   Pedestrian Control Signals
413.06   Flashing Traffic Signals – Repealed
413.07   Unauthorized Signs and Signals; Hiding from View; Advertising
413.08   Tampering with Traffic Control Devices Prohibited
413.09   No Right Turns on Red
413.10   No Right Turns on Red During Certain Hours
413.11   Driver’s Duties Upon Approaching Ambiguous or Non-Working Traffic Signal
   Traffic control device defined, CO 401.67
Statutory reference:
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Designation of through streets or stop intersections, RC 4511.07, 4511.65
   Placing and maintaining local traffic control devices, RC 4511.10, 4511.11
   Uniform system of traffic control devices, RC 4511.09, 4511.11