General Provisions
   155.001   Title
   155.002   Purpose
   155.003   Definitions
   155.004   Zoning affects every building and use
   155.005   Nonconforming uses
   155.006   Nonconforming buildings and structures
   155.007   Discontinuance of nonconforming uses
   155.008   Rear dwellings prohibited
   155.009   Reductions in lot area
   155.010   Off-street automobile parking and storage
   155.011   Off-street loading and unloading space
   155.012   Planning and Zoning Agency
Establishment of Districts
   155.025   Use districts
   155.026   Boundaries of districts
Provisions Governing Residential Districts
   155.040   General provisions for residential districts
   155.041   R-1 Districts (Low Density Residential)
   155.042   R-2 Districts (Medium Density Residential)
   155.043   R-3 Districts (High Density Residential)
   155.044   R-4 Districts (Multi-Family Residential)
   155.045   Townhouses
   155.046   R-1 Agriculture
Provisions Governing Business Districts
   155.060   Neighborhood Business Districts (B-1)
   155.061   General Business District (B-2)
   155.062   Central Business District (B-3)
   155.063   Highway Business District (B-4)
Provisions Governing Industrial Districts
   155.075   Light Industrial Districts (I-1)
   155.076   Heavy Industrial District (I-2)
Exceptions and Modifications
   155.090   Lot of record
   155.091   Group housing
   155.092   Exceptions to height limitations
   155.093   Exceptions, modifications, and provisions as to location of liquor and malt beverage sales/production
   155.105   Enforcing Officer
   155.106   Building permits and certificates of occupancy
   155.107   Duties of Building Inspector, Board of Zoning Adjustment, City Council and courts on matters of appeal
   155.108   Remedies
Board of Zoning Adjustment
   155.120   Creation and appointment
   155.121   Procedure
   155.122   Appeals; how taken
   155.123   Stay of proceedings
   155.124   Powers
   155.140   Procedure
   155.141   Public hearing
   155.142   Approval of the Planning Commission
   155.999   Penalty