(A)   Only one principal building and its customary accessory buildings shall hereinafter be erected on any lot except as provided in § 155.091 below for group housing.
   (B)   No dwelling or house trailer to be used for dwelling or sleeping purposes shall be erected or placed on a lot which does not abut on at least one public street for at least 40 feet.
   (C)   No building in the rear of a principal building on the same lot may be used for residential purposes unless the use is approved as a special exception by the Board of Zoning Adjustment. The Board shall determine that adequate vehicular access will be provided by a public street and that the criteria for group housing set forth in § 155.091 below are met.
   (D)   The equipping of an accessory building with a sink, cooking stove or other kitchen facilities shall be prima facie evidence that the building is not an accessory building but is a separate dwelling which must meet all minimum standards of lot area, lot width and yard sizes of the district in which it is located.
   (E)   No house trailer intended for dwelling or sleeping purposes shall be placed on any lot on which a structure used for dwelling purposes already exists unless the house trailer is so placed that it meets all of the requirements for a dwelling located in the district. Specifically, a house trailer must be located so that the portion of the lot assigned to it and on which it is located abuts on at least one public street for a distance of not less than 40 feet; the portion of the lot on which the house trailer is located must meet the lot area, lot width and yard requirements of the district in which it is located; the house trailer shall not be placed in the required lot area or in a yard or open space required for any other structures; and the house trailer may not be connected to electric, gas, telephone, water, sewer or any other utility or service in, through or at another structure as all utility and service connections must be made directly to the house trailer from regular utility service lines in the same manner that connections are provided to other dwelling structures in the area.
   (F)   A house trailer owned by a resident of a dwelling unit on a particular lot may be located on the lot provided it is parked at the rear of the lot, it meets the setback or distance from lot lines requirements for an accessory building in the district in which it is located, it has no utility or service connection, and it is not used for dwelling or sleeping purposes.
(2000 Code, App. B, § 36)