Within Neighborhood Business District, the following regulations shall apply.
   (A)   Uses permitted:
      (1)   Grocery stores, restaurants, delicatessens, ice cream stores, jewelry stores, dancing schools, florist shops, telephone and telegraph offices, banks, insurance offices, self-service laundries, notions and dry goods stores, variety stores, drug stores, real estate offices, hardware stores, meat markets, professional offices, fruit markets, dress shops, barber shops, beauty shops, local utility offices, shoe repair shops, medical and dental clinics, men's stores, hobby shops, branch laundries and dry cleaning establishments where no laundering or cleaning is to be done on the premises and bakeries where all products baked are sold on the premises and not more than two persons are employed in the actual baking process;
      (2)   Any accessory use or building customarily incidental to the above permitted uses;
      (3)   Retail businesses, retail service establishments and offices not specifically permitted above including stores and shops for special or custom work or for the manufacture of articles, the major portion of which are to be sold on the premises; electric transformer stations, gas regulator stations, telephone exchanges and other public utility facilities; and radio, telephone and television transmission towers and facilities shall be considered special exceptions and will require approval of the Board of Zoning Adjustment. The Board shall grant the approval if it determines that the proposed use is essential to the convenience of the neighboring residents; and
      (4)   Business signs indicating the name and type of business conducted on the premises only. The business shall not project more than one foot beyond the building.
      (5)   Added commercial uses:
         (a)   Retail malt beverage sales (but not permitted in showcase area);
         (b)   Retail package liquor sales (but not permitted in showcase area and only otherwise permitted  in B-1 as part of retail store of 10,000 or more square feet space and more than 50% of revenue in non-alcohol sales per text provisions of ordinance); and
         (c)   Table restaurant SA (but not permitted in showcase area).
         (d)   Note potential application of special compatibility standards as set forth herein if adjoining certain property in residential zone classification.
   (B)   Uses prohibited:
      (1)   Residents (except those located over business as a second story), coal yards, lumber yards, junk yards, automobile salvage and wrecking yards, bulk storage of gasoline and other inflammable materials, bottling plants, laundries and dry cleaning establishments, other than self-service and pickup stations, manufacture of articles of which the major portion will not be sold on the premises, and garages for storage or repair of automobiles or other types of automotive equipment;
      (2)   Free standing billboards and signs on land or building roofs; and
      (3)   Any use or trade which, though properly and safely operated with ordinary care according to good and reasonable practice, causes noxious or offensive odors, fumes, smoke, dust, vibrations or noises which substantially interfere with other uses of property permitted in the district.
   (C)   Required yard areas:
      (1)   Front yard depth: all buildings and structures shall have front yard depths of at least 25 feet; all buildings and structures placed on corner lots shall observe front yard requirements on both streets;
      (2)   Rear yard depth: all buildings and structures shall have a rear yard depth of at least 20 feet; and
      (3)   Side yard width: all buildings and structures on lots adjacent to residential districts shall be located so as to conform on the adjacent side with the side yard requirements of the residential district.
   (D)   Height: all buildings and structures shall conform with the height limitations for residential districts.
   (E)   Off-street parking and loading space:
      (1)   The requirements of §§ 155.010 and 155.011 above shall be observed.
      (2)   Retail package liquor sales and retail malt beverage sales require at least one space of parking per 400 square feet.
   (F)   Obstruction of streets and alleys: facilities and installations utilized in the operation of a business establishment shall be set back from any street or alley so that any service rendered by the business establishment will not obstruct the street or alley.
   (G)   For parcels on which malt beverage sales or production is otherwise authorized:
      (1)   Minimum side yard setback - 30 feet; and
      (2)   Minimum rear yard setback - 30 feet.
      (3)   Same setbacks would apply in B-1 if liquor sale is otherwise authorized in 10,000 square feet or more retail facility with more than 50% revenue from non-alcohol per text of ordinance.
(2000 Code, App. B, § 61)  (Am. Ord. 16-09, passed 11-21-2016)