(A)   There is hereby established the Planning and Zoning Agency of the city. The agency shall be charged with all duties, functions and responsibilities more particularly set forth in KRS 100, including, but not limited to the responsibility of overseeing the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustments and the issuance of building permits.
   (B)   The agency shall also collect fees for building and sign permits, city engineer services and plan review fees, including other required fees currently associated with planning and zoning. The agency shall further maintain and update the Comprehensive Plan, and administer all other planning and zoning duties and responsibilities which are currently administered by the City Housing Authority, including those which may now or hereafter become necessary.
   (C)   There is further established the position of Director of the Planning and Zoning Agency, who shall oversee and administer all services, activities and responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Agency. The Director shall be appointed by the Mayor and his or her appointment and salary shall be confirmed by the City Council. The Director shall serve an indefinite term at the pleasure and discretion of the Mayor.
   (D)   There may be implemented a more detailed outline of the policies, procedures, requirements and the like, of the Planning and Zoning Agency and/or the position of Director of the Planning and Zoning Agency.
(Ord. 02-07, passed 4-1-2002)