§ 155.091  GROUP HOUSING.
   In the case of group housing of two or more buildings to be constructed on a plot of ground, not subdivided into the customary streets and lots, and which will not be so subdivided, or where the existing or contemplated street and lot layout make it impractical to apply the requirements of this chapter to the individual building units in the group housing, the application of the terms of this chapter may be varied by the Board of Zoning Adjustment in a manner which will be in harmony with the character of the neighborhood. However, in no case shall the Board of Zoning Adjustment authorize a use prohibited in the district in which the housing is to locate, or a smaller lot area per family than the minimum required in the district, or a greater height, or a smaller yard area than the requirements of this chapter permit in such a district.
(2000 Code, App. B, § 82)