(A)   Required lot area and lot width: minimum required lot area: 6,000 square feet. Additional units shall have a minimum lot area of 1,000 square feet; minimum frontage for attached dwelling shall be 18 feet; minimum lot width shall be 60 feet.
   (B)   Building area: on any lot, the total area occupied by all buildings, including accessory buildings, shall not exceed 80% of the total area of the lot.
   (C)   Proof of compliance with property laws:
      (1)   In order to maintain the integrity of R-4 Districts, compliance with one of the following entities is required:
         (a)   Horizontal Property Law being KRS 381.805 et seq.; or
         (b)   Mutual covenants incorporated in the deeds of the properties as sold.
      (2)   These covenants shall be submitted to Planning and Zoning Commission for approval prior to the endorsement of the development of lots for multi-family residential use.
(2000 Code, App. B, § 55)