§ 155.045  TOWNHOUSES.
   (A)   Single-family attached or semi-detached units shall be permitted in the residential R-2 and R-3 Districts provided that each dwelling is located on a separate lot and complies with the following specifications.
      (1)   A minimum area of two acres, exclusive of streets and single ownership or control shall be developed.
      (2)   Development involving new or additional streets or any public dedication of land shall be subject to the Planning and Zoning Commission review and approval as provided in the subdivision regulations.
      (3)   Minimum yard requirements:
         (a)   Front yard:
            1.   R-2: 40 feet; and
            2.   R-3: 30 feet.
         (b)   Side yard:
            1.   Attached dwelling: none; and
            2.   End dwelling of attached or semi-detached: ten feet.
         (c)   Rear yard: 25 feet.
      (4)   Height: maximum building height: 30 feet.
      (5)   Minimum area requirements: no lot shall contain less than 1,450 square feet of land. However, there shall be a minimum open area or play area of one-half acre per two acres or a fraction thereof developed exclusive of street, public ways, parking areas and other nonresidential uses. It should be the responsibility of the developer to make necessary provisions for the perpetual maintenance of the open area and parking lot, subject to approval of the Planning Commission.
      (6)   Lot size:
         (a)   Minimum frontage for attached dwellings: 18 feet; and
         (b)   Minimum depth: 80 feet.
      (7)   The total dwelling unit in any group of attached dwelling shall not exceed ten units.
   (B)   Provided, however, that the foregoing does not make an automatic redesignation of all R-2 and R-3 zones to accept this proposed use, as same might in some cases result in hardship to the adjoining or surrounding landowners, that this use be only permitted where it is found to be preferable within the discretion of the Board of Zoning Adjustment. The Board shall study each case on an individual basis and, where no undue hardship will be the result of their action, shall permit the proposed use in R-2 and R-3 areas only with conditions to the use as the Board of Zoning Adjustment may in its discretion feel applicable in any particular case.
(2000 Code, App. B, § 56)