Billiards and Bowling
   112.01   Definitions
   112.02   Licensed required
   112.03   Application for license
   112.04   Issuance of license; proration of fees
   112.05   License fees
   112.06   Display of license plate; transfer of license; fee
   112.07   Requirements for licensees
   112.08   Revocation of license
   112.09   Hours of operation
   112.10   False affidavit
Coin-Operated Amusement Devices
   112.25   Definitions
   112.26   Exhibitor’s license required
   112.27   License fee; application and issuance
   112.28   License denial and revocation
   112.29   Location transfer
   112.30   Operation by minors prohibited; exception
   112.31   Establishment of rules and regulations; age requirement for management; sign to be posted stating gambling prohibited
Coin-Operated Musical Devices
   112.50   Definitions
   112.51   License required
   112.52   Application for license
   112.53   Fee; issuance of license and registration
   112.54   Records to be kept by City Manager
   112.55   Obscene references and disturbing the peace prohibited
   112.56   City Manager to make regulations
   112.58   Denial or revocation of license; hearing
   112.59   Appeal to council from denial or revocation order
Game Tables
   112.70   Definitions
   112.71   License required
   112.72   License fee
   112.73   License application
   112.74   Issuance of license
   112.75   Display of certificate; license nontransferable
   112.76   Requirements for licenses
   112.77   Hours of operation
   112.99   Penalty