General Provisions
   153.001   Purpose
   153.002   Interpretation
   153.003   Scope
   153.004   Regulating exemptions subject to Planning Commission approval
   153.005   Definitions
Planning Principles and Standards
   153.015   Standards
   153.016   (Reserved)
   153.017   Streets
   153.018   Alleys
   153.019   Easements
   153.020   Blocks
   153.021   Lots
   153.022   Land reserved for public use and open space
   153.023   Private street standards
Plat Procedures, Specifications and Approvals
   153.035   Compliance required
   153.036   Preliminary discussion meeting
   153.037   Preliminary plat approval process
   153.038   Preliminary plat requirements
   153.039   Final plat approval process
   153.040   Final plat requirements
   153.050   Intent
   153.051   Improvements required
   153.052   Conditions and minimum requirements
   153.053   Oversize and off-site improvements and public lands
   153.054   Reviews, inspections and fees
   153.055   Performance guarantee bonds and maintenance
   153.056   Irrevocable letters of credit
   153.070   Modifications
   153.071   Exceptional factors or conditions
   153.072   Large scale developments
   153.073   Re-subdivision of land
   153.074   Commercial and industrial developments
   153.075   Prerequisites to Commission approval
   153.076   Procedure
Administration and Enforcement
   153.090   Administration by Planning Commission; duties
   153.091   Amendments
   153.092   Plat approval prior to building permit
   153.093   Action for abatement of violations
   153.094   Exemption procedure
   153.095   Filing fees
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Preliminary steps certification
   Appendix B:   (Reserved)
   Appendix C:   Application for preliminary plat approval
   Appendix D:   Location map
   Appendix E:   Preliminary plat
   Appendix F:   (Reserved)
   Appendix G:   Application for final plat approval
   Appendix H:   Final plat
   Appendix I:   Certifications and statements to be included on final plat
   Appendix J:   Improvements and fees certification
   Appendix K:   (Reserved)
   Appendix L:   (Reserved)
   Appendix M:   Application for subdivision variances
Statutory reference:
   Plats, state law requirements generally, see R.C. Chapter 711