(A)   Purpose. The preliminary plat is a tentative plan depicting how land will be subdivided and the proposed location and arrangement of streets and utilities, whose purpose is to enable the Planning Commission to determine that the proposed layout demonstrates compliance with the current Comprehensive Land Use and Thoroughfare Plan, the Zoning Ordinance and will serve the public interest.
   (B)   Submission requirements. In order to be placed on the Planning Commission's agenda, an application for preliminary plat review must be submitted to the Planning Director's office by a submission deadline as noted on the Planning Commission meeting schedule, which is prepared annually by the Planning Department.
      (1)   Each application shall include the following items:
         (a)   Two copies of a preliminary plat application (Appendix C).
         (b)   Application fee (see § 153.095).
         (c)   One copy of the preliminary steps certification (Appendix A).
         (d)   Twelve copies of the preliminary plat (Appendix E).
         (e)   Two copies of protective covenants, deed restrictions, homeowners' association documents, if proposed.
         (f)   Ten copies of a transportation analysis as required by § 154.077.
         (g)   One copy of an application for variance to the subdivision regulations (Appendix M), as needed.
      (2)   Application fees shall be paid in full before the application shall be placed on the Planning Commission's agenda. The preliminary plat shall not be considered officially filed until it has been examined by the Planning Commission at one of its public meetings and found to fully comply with the formal provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Review by other public agencies. Upon receipt of the preliminary plat application, the Planning Director shall submit copies of the preliminary plat to other agencies for review and comments. The agencies to whom the plat is submitted for review may include, but are not limited to the Engineering Department, Director of Public Safety, Fire Department, Electric Division.
   (D)   Planning Commission action. The Planning Director shall submit a written report to the Planning Commission together with the recommendations and comments from the other reviewing agencies regarding the preliminary plat. The Planning Commission shall have 90 days from the date the preliminary plat is officially filed, unless the subdivider requests and is granted additional time, in which to approve, approve with conditions or disapprove such preliminary plat. The action of the Planning Commission shall be entered on the official records of the Commission, including any recommendations, conditions imposed, and the reasons for any approval, modifications or disapproval of a preliminary plat. All additions, deletions, and conditions discussed and approved by the Planning Commission shall be incorporated into the preliminary plat prior to the Commission signing the plat as “Approved”.
   (E)   Effect of Planning Commission approval. Approval of a preliminary plat by the Planning Commission is not an acceptance of the subdivision plat for record; it is rather an expression of approval of a general plan as a guide to preparation of a final subdivision plat for approval and recording upon fulfillment of all requirements of this chapter. Approval of the preliminary plat shall be effective for a maximum period of 12 months unless, upon application by the subdivider, the Planning Commission grants an extension. If the final plat has not been submitted for final approval within this time limit, a preliminary plat must again be submitted to the Planning Commission for tentative approval.
(‘65 Code, § 1381.03) (Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08)