§ 153.050 INTENT.
   (A)   The land improvements which are hereby required shall be designed, furnished and installed by the subdivider in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and other regulations of the state, county and city. They shall be installed before the final plat is approved, or in lieu thereof, agreements to install shall be approved prior to approval of the final plat, or Council shall have accepted a petition described in § 153.039.
   (B)   It is intended that the subdivider shall dedicate all land required for public use and rights-of- way within the subdivision and furnish and install, or petition for the installment of, all improvements to provide a complete and coordinated system of streets, utilities, and public lands in accordance with the land use and thoroughfare plan.
(‘65 Code, § 1383.01) (Ord. 20-89, passed 4-4-89; Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08)