(A)   (1)   Private streets in commercial and industrial areas shall meet all requirements of dedicated public streets as required by §§ 153.050 through 153.056 of this chapter and as specified in the current Engineering Rules and Regulations.
      (2)   Private streets in residential areas shall meet the requirements for private streets found in the Engineering Rules and Regulations and meet the following minimum standards:
         (a)   Have at least one lane of moving traffic in each direction.
         (b)   Have a four-foot wide concrete sidewalk on one side of the street.
         (c)   No parking will be permitted on the street unless the pavement is widened to public street standards and approved by the Planning Commission.
         (d)   All private streets shall be so designed to allow easy access for all safety, service and school vehicles as required.
   (B)   Alternative pavement materials, thicknesses and dimensions may be permitted, upon written submission to, and approval by, the City Engineer and Director of Public Safety.
(Ord. 28-92, passed 4-21-92; Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08) Penalty, see § 153.999