(A)   The preliminary plat shall be prepared in accordance to the planning principles set forth in §§ 153.015 through 153.022, and in accordance with the current Engineering Rules and Regulations.
   (B)   In addition, each preliminary plat shall contain the following:
      (1)   Certification. Certification that the subdivider has consulted with the Planning Commission, City Engineer, public service companies and other interested parties prior to the submission of his preliminary plat. (See Appendix A)
      (2)   Location map. A location map showing the relationship of the proposed subdivision to existing community facilities which serve or influence it. Such location map shall include title, names and addresses of subdivider and surveyor; north point scale and date; acreage of subdivision; outline and approximate boundary dimensions of subdivision; existing streets, principal utility lines and community features such as schools, parks, airports, and as specified in the current Engineering Rules and Regulations. (See Appendix D)
      (3)   Land reserved for public use. The preliminary plat shall show thereon such land that may be dedicated for public use, as required by § 153.053(D) of this chapter. No structure shall be erected, no trees or topsoil shall be removed or destroyed, no grading shall be done, nor shall any land so reserved be put to any use whatsoever except on written approval of the Planning Commission.
(‘65 Code, § 1385.01) (Ord. 2917, passed 7-21-64; Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08)