The subdivider shall furnish the following with the application for final plat approval:
   (A)   Final plat. The final plat shall conform to the State Minimum Standards set forth in O.A.C. Chapter 4733-37, the Medina County Engineer Survey Standards, and the current City Engineering Rules and Regulations.
   (B)   Improvements and specifications. Drawings shall be provided, showing plain views, cross- sections, profiles, elevations, construction details and specifications for all required land improvements. They shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements of §§ 153.050 through 153.056, and the current Engineering Rules and Regulations.
   (C)   Protective covenants. Protective covenants shall be in final form if to be recorded separately from plat.
   (D)   Certification by City Director of Public Service or City Engineer. Such certification shall state that:
      (1)   The subdivider has designed and installed improvements in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and any conditions set forth by the Planning Commission in its approval of the preliminary plat; or
      (2)   The subdivider has posted financial guarantees in sufficient amount to assure completion of all required improvements; or
      (3)   The petition of the subdivider for the construction of and the levying of special assessments for such improvements in accordance with § 153.039 has been accepted by Council;
      (4)   The subdivider has paid all engineering and inspection fees or made arrangements for the payment thereof; and
      (5)   The subdivider has submitted an as-built plan on mylar for all subdivision improvements. Such plan shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer or surveyor in the State of Ohio, or the subdivision shall make arrangements for the completion and submission of such plans before zoning certificates will be issued to allow construction on individual lots within the subdivision.
   (E)   Title coverage. The subdivider shall furnish the Director of Law with such title evidence, including mortgage or lien releases or waivers, as may be necessary, to show the title to such dedicated streets or land, good and free of encumbrances in the name of the city.
   (F)   Other data. Certification or affidavits, as may be required in the enforcement of this chapter.
(‘65 Code, § 1385.02) (Ord. 3-80, passed 3-18-80; Am. Ord. 08-026, passed 6-3-08)